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    Background of "60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet"

    The ebook has been developed for travellers, tourists, business people and anyone interested in learning the Thai Alphabet. We believe that it's an important book, as without a basic knowledge of letters, the building blocks of language, you are essentially illiterate in Thailand - blind to "warning signs", discounts and basic communications. It's a barrier between you and the country, the people and the wealth of culture in Thailand.

    Not only is it essential for those spending long durations in the country, but even for those on a two week break in Thailand, a knowledge of the letters will be yet another essential key to entering the country, and really getting to know the people and the place.

    Your efforts will be much appreciated, and you will get to know the country much faster, by recognising sounds, letters and shapes first, then building those shapes into words and sentences. It'll be the start of a wonderful journey into Thailand.

    The book is based on a visual memory system, where simple memorable pictures, will enable you to instantly remember the shapes and sounds of the Thai letters, numbers and symbols. As simple as it looks, it was through a long process of trial-and-error that the system was rendered so cohesive, logical and "simple". Developed over 2 years, the system embraces memory enhancing principles used by leading experts, and knowledge workers. Relying on the human brain's incredibile ability to memorise, store and recognise images, the book will make abstract and seemingly meaningless symbols into logical and easily-memorised pictures!

    To become familiar with the system, you can download the book for free, and read the first section, before completing the purchase, and unlocking the entire book. Take a look, and see if it works for you: download here.




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