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    The Thai Alphabet has always been an obstacle in getting close to Thailand. It seems impenetrable to many, and its very appearance is enough to put most people off even tackling it! This is because it is totally abstract, and resembles nothing that we would be currently familiar with, so it's very difficult at first to relate to it.

    Learn the Thai Language and Thai Alphabet

    This is where "60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet" comes in. It takes all that abstract shapeless information, and creates solid pictures out of it, that your mind will instantly "hook on to". Not only will you be able to remember the shape of the letters though, you'll also instantly know the sound of the letter, just by recognising a simple image!

    It's a logical, easy-to-absorb system, that started as something complex, but was refined and optimised over two years, to yield an instantly recognisable set of images, that will enable you to memorise the alphabet, numbers and symbols effortlessly.

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