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    Thai font is not as difficult to learn as many think. The Thai letters are quickly learnt using the memorisation system that has been tailor-made for the Thai Alphabet in "60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet". Once you can recognise the individual letters, you can begin to convert all those letters into sounds.

    Reading Thai Script: Learn the Thai Language

    One of the challenges that you'll encounter early on, when trying to read Thai, is the constant flow of letters, with no spaces! The words just run into each other, and therefore you'll need to develop a basic vocabulary to start breaking up the sentences into individual words that you can recognise.

    In developing that basic vocabulary, a grasp of the Thai alphabet will proove invaluable, as then you'll begin to see words in context all around you: over shops, on different products etc. You'll be able to turn the letters into sounds, because of your knowledge of the alphabet, and will have no difficulty then attaching that sound to its meaning.

    Instantly download "60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet" to your computer now, to get started!

    Download "60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet" Now!





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