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    The Thai Writing system is very confusing when one is beginning to learn Thai. Besides the letters, which are a challenge in themselves without a cohesive memory system to tackle them (the objective of "60 minutes to learn the Thai Alphabet!"), the whole visual impact of written Thai can be overwhelming at first. This stems largely from the fact that there are no spaces between the words in thai sentences - likethisifitwereenglish!!

    Learning Thai Writing and The Thai Language Script

    It takes time to decipher such a garble of Thai letters, and requires a familiarisation with the vocabulary. It's then that you'll be able to find the boundaries between one word and the next. Once you can pick out the individual words, things become a lot simpler.

    The initial step however is to recognise the letters, this will proove invaluable to you in grasping the Thai language and culture - otherwise you're blind to every road-sign, every newspaper, even the simplest of warning signs are incomprehensible. Once you can recognise the letters, you will begin to acquire vocabulary and a familiarisation with the language at every opportunity.

    Finding your way around in Thailand when on Holidays

    Every sign you see, every letter you catch sight of, will re-inforce your initial grasp of the letters and sounds. Your mind will begin to automatically recognise the thai letters, once you get that initial foot-hold on the language. Then through repetition and constant exposure to thai symbols, letters and numbers, you will begin to automatically process the letters with little or no effort.

    Step 1, get that initial foothold on the language, by familiarising yourself with the Thai writing system and letters. Then you will being to really delve into the Thai language and culture.

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