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    Once you have mastered the thai alphabet, you'll learn to speak Thai much more quickly and accurately. When Thai words are written down using roman letters, much of the necessary information about the word is lost. You won't know the class of the letter, and the transliteration into english won't be entirely accurate in any case, as it's impossible to render all the Thai sounds using english.

    Speak Thai Fluently: Learn the Thai Language Quickly

    So to speak Thai, with proper pronunciation, it's essential to get a grasp of the Thai alphabet at an early stage in the learning process. Many people delay their attempt at learning the Thai alphabet, as they think that it's insurmountably difficult.

    It's this problem, that "60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet" deals with. It takes all those abstract shapeless letters, and uses simple images to enable you to immediately recognise the Thai letters. These images also encode the actual sounds of the Thai letters, while the background of the image encodes the class! In short, by looking at a simple image of an actual situation, you will remember the shape, sounds and class of the thai letters. This will be a massive step forward in learning to speak Thai!

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