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    The Thai language is a tonal language, in that different tones of voice will affect the meaning of a word dramatically. If you were to say the word in a high tone, ie at the top end of your voice's speaking register, the meaning could be entirely different to a word with the same letters, spoken in a low tone of voice.

    Altogether there are five tones: low, middle, high, rising and falling. The tones are determined by a number of factors including the presence of certain tone marks, the type of syllable and the class of consonant at the start of the syllable. Even though the rules seem very intricate at first, in "60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet", you will be able to learn the rules in minutes.

    Thai Language Pronunciation:

    This almost instant memorisation is made possible through the use of simple, but powerful mnemonic techniques which make the process of learnind complex and abstract information, a simple and enjoyable process. Basically the hard work has already been done for you. We've found similarities between the new information, and things that everyone already recognises, thus making the learning process an instant process! Visit the download page, to instantly download "60 Minutes to Learn the Thai Alphabet".






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